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REGENERATIVE FARMING: Consulting and Mentoring

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1. Lifestyle Block Farming

Are you concerned about your carbon (CO2) footprint? Would you like to become carbon neutral or even carbon positive on your own piece of paradise? 

Explore the benefits of Regenerative Farming, a holistic method that will improve your life. It will increase your mental and physical wellbeing, knowing you are doing what you can to redress climate change and create a healthy environment for your family.

Regen Farming will provide the following benefits:

  • CO2 sequestering
  • Healthy soil
  • Healthy pasture
  • Healthy livestock
  • Reduced animal health bills
  • Reduced fertiliser use
  • Increased water retention in soil
  • Reduced runoff into waterways
Why practise Regenerative Farming?
regenerative farming help

2. Home Gardening

Creating a no-dig or no-till garden using regenerative methods — requiring less or no artificial fertiliser, holding water and nutrients in the soil, using compost — will reduce your carbon footprint and provide you with holistic, organic food. You can build healthy soil which leads to healthy produce and healthy people. 

If you would like to grow great nourishing food and contribute to reducing the world’s CO2 emissions, let’s talk.

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Book today

For a free, no-strings-attached chat with Ian

Consultation, Mentoring, or Hands-on Services


Helping you find the most satisfying plan for the use of your land. How to use regenerative grazing/farming to get the best out of your pasture/garden/orchard. Financial advice so you get the best bang for your buck.


Advice on the care and wellbeing of animals on a small farm, stock rotation, regenerative grazing/farm management systems, how to get the best out of your pasture. Organic methods or conventional.


How to create an organic or fertilised garden from scratch, maintain it, plan vegetable rotation, how to make and use compost, how and where to install drip irrigation systems.


Native plant identification

What plants to put where; knowing what NOT to kill – in other words, what’s invasive and what’s not

Weed control

Advice on organic or chemical eradication

Pest control

Advice on setting traps for mice, rats, stoats, weasels, possums, etc.


Fruit tree pruning for best crop. Pruning other trees – exposing views by reducing the size of a tree w/o damaging it, and knowing which trees can be successfully reduced. Sympathetic and/or aesthetic pruning.

Fencing advice

How to construct conventional or electric fences, hang a gate, maintenance

Hand and power tool maintenance

How to fit new handles on tools, blade-sharpening, cleaning and oiling

My fee: $50/hour*

* depending on equipment needed, not including additional experts’ fees

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For a free, no-strings-attached chat with Ian